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Tired of High Fees? We Are Too!

Residential Sales

Standard broker compensation $650 or 10% of the commission check, whichever is lower (minimum broker compensation is $650) and $150 E&O fee. There is the option to utilize one of our transaction coordinators for $395 per transaction, but it is not mandatory. For transactions where the sales price is over $1,000,000 – standard broker compensation is an additional $50 for every $100,000 price increment, and E&O increases by $10 for every $100,000 price increment.

High-Risk Transactions

For Dual agency transactions (same agent represents buyer and seller), broker compensation is 0.8% of the sales price. For Associate Owned Propery (AOP) or Direct Relative Owned Property (DROP), broker compensation is 0.625% of sales price when selling. Fees for buying are standard. When both dual agency and AOP/DROP occur in the same transaction, broker compensation is 1% of the sales price. Other high-risk transactions will be evaluated and a broker fee will be given, based on the risk level. NOTE: All high-risk transaction fees already include our standard fees and E&O.


If Associate receives referral compensation from another broker, the standard broker fee is 10% of compensation. The same holds true if associate collects a fee for doing a BPO (broker price opinion), and for any leases.

Commercial Transactions

For commercial transactions, the standard broker fee is 10%, which includes E&O. Associate has the option to utilize one of our transaction coordinators for $395.


Brand new licensees must have an experienced mentor up until close of their first residential or commercial sale. After that, they may choose to work independently. Core Capital Realty may provide you with a mentor for a traditional 70/30 split (includes all fees), or you may find your own mentor and pay them a minimum 30% (not including transaction + E&O fees).