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Agent Website Hosting

Complimentary website hosting is provided for your own personal agent website. We understand the importance of building an online presence – an over $100/year value included free for all agents!

Dedicated CRM

Fully-functional Customer Relations Manager software is complimentary for all agents. Keep track of your clients and convert more of them into business with our platform!

Full Transaction Software

Free transaction management platform access makes all your deals easily managed from a single login: Contracts, doc submission, to-do lists, and even getting paid. 

Full Broker Support

Our head broker is on standby and is easily accessibly via text, phone, and email. 

Website Templates

Complimentary WordPress templates for you to use – professionally designed for real estate websites.

Virtual Brokerage

Core Capital is based entirely online – no need to work out of an office. All correspondences are carried out on our transaction platform.